Cary Weather Delays & Cancellations

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Cary Tennis Park Program & League Information

Last updated on Thursday, February 2, at 4:36 p.m.

Below is a posting of league schedules and inclement weather updates for Cary Tennis Park instructional programs. Weather cancellations only pertain to programs offered at the Tennis Park, all league related information, other than schedules, will come from team captains.

In the event of inclement weather, decisions related to Cary Tennis Park programs will be made one hour prior to the start of the program. This web page will ordinarily be updated at that time. If you have any questions, please call the Cary Tennis Park at (919) 462-2061. For more information, please see our Inclement Weather Procedures.

Daily Schedule

View daily schedules for several parks below. Reservation details are best viewed in landscape orientation.

Please keep unreserved/walk-up play to one hour when people are waiting for a court.


Thursday, February 2nd

The following classes are canceled due to rain/wet courts...
4:00 pm JTT Practice @ Annie Jones
4:30 pm HS Prep
4:30 pm TAD
4:30 pm Academy Select Mon/Wed Canceled
5:00 pm Aces
5:00 pm JTT Practice @ Annie Jones
5:00 pm Academy 1 Skills
5:00 pm TAD
5:30 pm Tots
5:30 pm Futures
6:00 pm JTT 8u Practice
6:00 pm JTT Practice @ Annie Jones
6:00 pm Academy 1 Mon/Wed Canceled
6:30 pm Challengers
7:00 pm JTT Practice @ Annie Jones
7:30 pm Adult Level 2

If the main and North parking lots at Cary Tennis Park are full you make park across the street at the elementary school.
If during school hours you must use the parking spaces closest to the sand volleyball courts.

JTT MATCH INFORMATION - scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page

Court Information

HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS returns to Town of Cary courts. Courts at Godbold, Cary Tennis Park and Middle Creek Park are used for high school practices and matches.

ANNIE JONES is open.

Adult Leagues

Location Key:
ctp: cary tennis park
gb: godbold
mc: middle creek
aj: annie jones
dh: dunham park

Winter Warm Up League- Court assignment on QR code located inside Covered Court.

Thurs Feb 2

9:30 AM
Hinckley Ace Kickers vs Bologa Love Hurts (CTP)
Federico Ice Queens vs Keen Let It Go (CTP)
Goll Deuce Moose vs Bryson BBAJ-1 (CTP)
Team Yamamoto vs Mulcahy Double the Fun! (CTP)

7:30 PM
Team Martin vs Bolger Swaggalicious (CTP)
Rider Hit or Miss vs LeGrande Freezin' Season (CTP)

8:30 PM
Pasteris Net Assets vs Montano Tennis the Menace (CTP)

Fri Feb 3

9:30 AM
Libby Hot Toddies vs Gillespie Ice Ice Baby (CTP)
Team Berry vs Polizzi Polar Penguins (CTP)
Kim-Rowley Baby It's Cold Outside vs Hale Racquettes (CTP)
Team Noga vs Powell Ice Princesses (CTP)

10:00 AM
Makeup: Ladies Winter 3.0 TOC Bryson vs HSTP Moczkiewicz Sets on the Beach (ctp)

Sat feb 4

1:00 PM
TOC.Yubie You Be Playing vs TOC.Kougoulos No Banana Shots? No Party(ctp)
TOC.Remley Snaxx'n Chill vs TOC.Medynskaya Fas10 Your Seatbelts(aj)
Makeup: TOC.Kougoulos Killshot vs TOC.Morrow Your Pace or Mine? (dh)

Sun Feb 5

1:00 PM
Makeup: TOC Pope All About That Ace vs TOC Morrow Gone With the Win (ctp)
TOC.Terjesen Hit & Run vs TOC.Leahy Make Some Racket(aj)
TOC.Grimm It's Not My Fault vs LOCH.Pelt Mid Court Crisis(dh)
TOC.Javalkar You Cannot Be Serious vs TOC.Kougoulos Killshot(ctp)

5:00 PM
Jordan The Winter Racquets vs Crawford Snow Queens (CTP)
Littleton We're Up to Snow Good vs Kim Double Trouble (CTP)
Jeska Alley Gators vs Dewberry Kildaire (CTP)
Team Kinnas vs Lagstrom Winter Women (CTP)

6:30 PM
Kupfrian Alley Cats vs Hollett Cabin Fever (CTP)
Schneider WiseAce Women vs Wood This Is 40-Love (CTP)
Swain Double Shots vs Edwards Ice Breakers (CTP)

8:00 PM
Team Roussin vs Clark Slice of Life (CTP)
Dosslin Superkins vs Horowitz Winter Doubles (CTP)
MD-High vs Martin Copper Pond (CTP)

Mon Feb 6

9:30 AM
D-Weiland 2 vs Doyle All About That Ace (CTP)
Schneider Winter Wonders vs Sinopoli Cold Play (CTP)
Kempf Indoor Winter 4.0 vs Kim-Rowley Matcha Tea Latte (CTP)
Team Limkakeng vs Polizzi No Freezy (CTP)

10:00 AM
Makeup: TOC Bryson Team BBAJ vs HSTP Mroczkiewicz Sets On The Beach (ctp)
3.0 Playoff 3.0A PW Hovermale Racquettes vs 3.0B TOC Oldham Baby Got Backhand(ctp)

8:30 PM
Grimm Reapers vs Kuczynski Double Trouble (CTP)
Hollett It's Snowtime vs Pucci Doubles R Us (CTP)
Team Sninski vs Wynia Starting With Love (CTP)
Yates Preston Snow vs Hutchens Love Living the Ad Life (CTP)

Junior Team Tennis

For all make-up practices and matches, please see our Make-Up JTT page.

Winter JTT
Winter JTT practices will be using courts 1-6 at Annie Jones Park from 5-8pm Monday and Wednesday, and 4-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Winter JTT Matches

All matches will be at Cary Tennis Park

Friday, January 27

14U Recreational

Wolves – 7:00 pm

Foxes – 7:00 pm

Rhinos – 7:00 pm

Gators – 7:00 pm

Mares – 7:00 pm

Raptors – 7:00 pm

14U Advanced

Avalanche – 5:30 pm

Hurricanes – 5:30 pm

Tornadoes – 5:30 pm

Earthquakes – 5:30 pm

Tsunamis – 5:30 pm

Wildfires – 5:30 pm

Saturday, January 28

8U Rally Ball

2:00 pm

8U Intermediate

3:00 pm

10U Orange Level 1

Ravens – 8:00 am

Eagles – 8:00 am

Hawks – 8:00 am

Falcons – 8:00 am

10U Orange Level 2

Vipers – 9:30 am

Cobras – 9:30 am

Rattlesnakes – 9:30 am

Boas – 9:30 am

10U Green Level 1

Fire – 8:00 am

Ice – 8:00 am

10U Green Level 2

Clash – 9:30 am

Burn – 9:30 am

12U Recreational

Strike – 2:00 pm

Drive – 2:00 pm

12U Intermediate

Revolve – 2:00 pm

Blast – 2:00 pm

12U Advanced

Catamounts – 11:00 am

Cougars – 11:00 am

Lions – 11:00 am

Jaguars – 11:00 am

Tigers – 11:00 am

Wildcats – 11:00 am

14U Intermediate

Hammerheads – 12:30 pm

Barracudas – 12:30 pm

Marlins – 12:30 pm

Orcas – 12:30 pm

Tigersharks – 12:30 pm

Piranhas – 12:30 pm