Town of Cary Weather Delays & Cancellations

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Cary Tennis Park Program & League Information

Last updated on Tuesday, August 16, at 1:54 p.m.

Below is a posting of league schedules and inclement weather updates for Cary Tennis Park instructional programs. Weather cancellations only pertain to programs offered at the Tennis Park, all league related information, other than schedules, will come from team captains.

In the event of inclement weather, decisions related to Cary Tennis Park programs will be made one hour prior to the start of the program. This web page will ordinarily be updated at that time. If you have any questions, please call the Cary Tennis Park at (919) 462-2061. For more information, please see our Inclement Weather Procedures.

Daily Schedule

View daily schedules for several parks below. Reservation details are best viewed in landscape orientation.

Please keep unreserved/walk-up play to one hour when people are waiting for a court.


Monday, August 15th
Classes canceled today due to rain/wet courts:

9:00 am Tots/Aces Camp

Court Information

HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS returns to Town of Cary courts. Courts at Godbold, Cary Tennis Park and Middle Creek Park are used for high school practices and matches.

ANNIE JONES is open.

Adult Leagues

Location Key:
ctp: cary tennis park
gb: godbold
mc: middle creek
aj: annie jones
dh: dunham

Tues August 16

9:30 AM
Combo 18+ 7.5W TOC.Holt vs PW.Capps (ctp)
Combo 55+ 6.5W TOC.Thio vs TOC.Campbell (gb)

6:00 PM
Makeup: TOC.Irish vs TOC.Fulcher (aj)

6:30 PM
Makeup: TOC.Chandok vs TOC.Treires (dh)

7:30 PM
Makeup: TOC.Leahy vs TOC.Terjesen (aj)

Tri level 2.5-3.5 Women’s Weekday B vs Weekend (ctp)

Wed August 17

9:30 AM
Combo 40+ 5.5W TOC.Roper vs PW.Lee (ctp)

7:30 PM
singles 18 + 4.0 w toc.schloemann vs toc.wilson (dh)
singles 40 + 3.5 m toc.narula vs toc.horowitz (dh)
Tri level 3.5-4.5 Women’s Weekday vs Weekend (ctp)

singles 18 + 3.0 m toc.narula vs toc.puri (gb )

Thurs August 18

Combo 18+ 8.5W TOC.Odum vs PW.Fekete(ctp)
Combo 40+ 6.5W TOC.Gagnon vs CAS.Trail (aj)
Combo 40+ 6.5W TOC.Panell vs APEX.Tandradinata(aj)
Combo 40+ 6.5W TOC.Sager vs PW.Libby(dh)
Combo 40+ 6.5W TOC.Barclay vs TOC.Jones (gb)

7:00 PM
Makeup: TOC.Leahy vs TOC.Terjesen (aj)

7:30 PM
singles 18 + 2.5 w toc.arora vs pw.roussin (ctp )
singles 18 + 3.5 w toc.triebert vs (dh)
Tri level 3.0-4.0 Women’s Weekday A vs Weeknight (ctp)

8:00 PM
singles 18 + 4.5 m toc.treires vs toc.perian (gb )
singles 18 + 4.5 m toc.chandok vs toc.sankar (mc)
singles 40 + 3.0 w toc.raasch vs toc.leahy (gb )

Junior Team Tennis

For all make-up practices and matches, please see our Make-Up JTT page.

Summer JTT will be using courts 1-6 at Godbold Park from 5-8pm Monday and Wednesday, and 4-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

JTT Matches

8u JTT - 5:30-6:30pm at the CTP Quickstart Courts

10U Recreational - 5:30-7pm at Godbold Park
10U Intermediate - 7-8:30pm at Godbold Park

12U Recreational - 5:15-6:45 at CTP
12U Intermediate - 6:45-8:15 at CTP

14/18 Recreational - 5:30-7pm at CTP
14/18 Intermediate - 7-8:30pm at CTP