Town of Cary

Standard Procedure No. 113


Effective: 4/4/2000


Prepared by: Dwayne Jones, Recreation Programs Manager Approved by: William B. Coleman, Jr.

Town Manager



To establish procedures to guide staff in canceling Parks Recreation and Cultural Resources programs due to adverse weather conditions.



Adverse Weather - Includes conditions such as snow, sleet, flooding, freezing temperatures, heavy winds.


Program Facility - Includes those facilities that offer instructional and recreational programs such as Community Centers, Jordan Hall Arts Center, Stevens Nature Center Page Walker Arts & History Center, the Cary Senior Center and Bond Park.


Rental Facility - Includes those facilities that reserve space to outside groups for meetings, rehearsals, parties, etc. such as Community Centers, Page Walker Arts & History Center, the Cary Senior Center and Bond Park.



A.     All regular employees are to report for work on all scheduled workdays. Town of Cary Administrative Offices does not close due to adverse weather. (See Weather, Adverse Standard Procedure #51)


B. The Director of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources or their designee will make a decision as to whether facilities shall open and programs conducted based upon the following:


1.      Conditions of roads and streets in Cary.

2.      Safe access into facilities (parking lots, sidewalks, and steps).

3.      Changing/deteriorating weather conditions. (i.e. anticipated overnight icing, rain changing to snow, etc.)


C.        Program Facilities - To cancel or delay facility openings or conduct programs the following procedure shall be used:


Prior to reporting to Work:

All program division heads will contact the Department Director or their designee to determine cancellation of programs and/or delays in opening facilities. Upon the decision the division head will contact their respective facility/program supervisors and advise them of the decision according to the following schedule.


         6:30AM for classes/programs beginning prior to 12 noon

         10:00AM for classes/programs beginning between 12 noon and 5PM

         3:00PM for classes/programs beginning after 5PM


Program facilities may be required to open to conduct Town business even if programs are cancelled. The facility/program supervisor will put a recording on the public line announcing the closing and/or delayed opening time of the facility as well as contacting the appropriate temporary staff and program instructors Athletics will put an announcement on the 24-hour cancellation line.


After reporting to Work:

If weather conditions deteriorate after staff has reported to work the department director or their designee will meet with division heads to determine cancellation of programs or facility closing. Every effort will be made to meet the established time line above. However, in the best interest of the program participants and staff, adjustments may be made to the cancellation schedule.


All program facilities shall adhere to the delayed opening, cancellation and/or early closing schedule with exception of rental facilities. The Recreation Programs Manager or their designee shall ascertain conditions at Bond Park and Hemlock Bluffs prior to opening these facilities.


D.        Rental Facilities - Rental cancellations due to the adverse weather conditions will be handled on a case by case basis. Supervisors of all rental facilities shall:


1. Contact division head prior to calling rental party to determine if the facility is safe to use and staff can get to the facility.

2.      If the facility is unsafe, inform rental parties of the cancellation and give them the option of rescheduling or receiving a refund.


E.        Athletic Program Rainouts - Athletic Programs cancelled due to unplayable and unsafe field conditions will adhere to the following procedure:


1. A decision regarding cancellation will be made by 3pm Monday through Friday, 7am on Saturday, and 12 noon on Sunday.

2. After the times listed above, the decision to cancel games will be made at the field.

3. The on-call supervisor for the Athletic Program Division will be responsible for updating the 24-hour Game Cancellation Line.

4. Once games are cancelled due to unsafe field conditions, teams are not allowed to use the field for practice.